Hello. My name is Connie Liang and I design digital products with joyful experience. 

I began my career in the B2B fashion industry as a Sales Representative and Merchandiser since 2008. Yearning to progress further I decided to explore my horizon and came to the United States in 2012.  

During my studies at the Academy of Art University, I learned Fashion Marketing & Merchandising and then switched to the Web Design & New Media Department.

Having worked with the top-notch instructors and clients who inspired me to try it myself without giving up, I invested my time and energy toward learning software skills, reading and drawing; such that I was able to create innovative digital work on a team or individual basis. 

I have a passion about my design approach, strive to help people solve problems, turn the ordinary into something extraordinary by fusing fashion, art and technology. My creative process of design, from uncertainty to eventual clarity, can be summarized as this diagram based on Newman's Design Squiggle: